Cramers lightning round: I am done with Chinese stocks – CNBC

Original Bark Co.: “I need something less speculative. You either want to go Zoetis if you prefer animal health or you want to go to IDEXX for animal health or if you don’t want to buy in that particular route, you could buy Chewy, but not Original Bark. It’s too risky.”

Lennar Corp.: “Lennar, it’s had a very big run. Right now I’m sensing that this market is angry. It’s the kind of stock that’s going to have to come down. I can’t hang my hat on anything involving the homebuilders.”

Quotient Technology Inc. “No. No. Way too risky. Way too risky., no. No matter what name, nuh-uh.”

Alibaba Group: “I am done. I am not touching any of these … Chinese stocks. You can’t.”

Fulcrum Therapeutics: “No. Oh man, another one just too risky. Too risky. We’ve got to go with blue chip for now.”

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